Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

Dear Yarmouth Football Players and Families:


We are extremely excited to kick off the 2021 season of Yarmouth football and our annual calendar raffle. All the proceeds are used for the expenses of the football program, and we welcome you anytime at our monthly meetings to learn more about the program’s activities and finances. Since Covid we have been researching new ways to do this fundraiser. So, we have decided to use a PayPal button it is on our website, and it always has an QR code if you are a door-to-door player, and someone does not have cash or checks. 


We are asking all high school players to sell $200.00 worth, middle school players to sell $150.00 and all our youth players to sell $50.00. Many players have found that the easiest way to sell tickets is to send a short email or text message to relatives and close family friends. Feel free to personalize the sample below. A simple way to receive payment is through our PayPal button that is on our website .  Players can also sell tickets door-to-door in their neighborhoods and around town (If they choose). Attached is a copy of the printable form to keep track of entries and the 2021 calendar. Please make sure you put the entries name on the back of the red admission ticket put it in the envelope provided. You can give them the other half or if they are in another city take a pic and email/text it to them. 


We ask every player to sell their quota by September 24th so we can begin drawing winners on October 1st. Thank you for your help with this!!!


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have or log onto  We greatly appreciate the ongoing community support. 






Yarmouth Football Association Board

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Dear __________,


Playing on the Yarmouth football team has been a fantastic experience for me, both athletically and personally. The discipline, teamwork, competitiveness, and spirit of football are incredibly rewarding, and I am excited to be starting another season this fall.


Our most important fundraiser for the team is an annual “calendar raffle” with cash prizes every day throughout October. Most days have a $50 prize, but you can win $100 every Friday and $1000 on October 31st – or a total of $2700! Tickets are $10 each, or six for $50.


I have attached a link it is a PayPal button you can click to do an electronic payment; I will email or text you your raffle number, which ever you prefer. You can get as many tickets as you like, with more chances to win.  


Checks should be made payable to Yarmouth Football Association (with my name in the memo line), and you can send them either to me, or directly to Yarmouth Football, at PO Box 387, Yarmouth, ME 04096. Thank you for considering this!




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