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College Clippers

Our program has been very successful helping our student-athletes reach their goals of playing at the next level.  Below is a list of players who either played at the college level or are currently playing college football.  

John Thoma

YHS Class of 2017

Ricky Tillotson

YHS Class of 2016

Jack Snyder

YHS Class of 2016

Andrew Beatty

YHS Class of 2016

Brady Neujahr

YHS Class of 2014

Thomas Lord

YHS Class of 2014

Matthew Woodbury

YHS Class of 2014

Dickinson College 

Running Back / Linebacker

Anders Overhaug

YHS Class of 2013

Dickinson - #24

Wide Receiver

Jacob French

YHS Class of 2013

Dickinson - #68

Offensive Line

Carter Dorsett

YHS Class of 2013

Hamilton - #90

Defensive Line

Nate Pingitore

YHS Class of 2011

Robert Morris

Running Back

Brodie Woodson

YHS Class of 2010

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